Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

🍯 Our Ingredients

Hula is all-natural skincare in service of the planet. You won’t find a single ingredient that’s not sourced directly from nature - that’s how committed we are. Even when Hula was a big idea and not yet a brand, we set out to create products that you’d feel comfortable putting on your body, washing down the sink, and returning to the Earth. Our ingredients leave no trace, on your face or in the environment.

Raw honey:

Let’s throw it all the way back. Honey is the oldest, most effective skincare ingredient. We source the realest, rawest honey -- the kind that disinfects gunky pores and turns acne into a distant memory. You’ll rinse your face and feel the difference with clean, purified skin that’s moist and plump. Honey’s got it covered. No additional moisturizers necessary!

Sunflower oil:

Nature made this just for you. Packed with Vitamin E, skin’s favorite antioxidant, sunflower oil is a proven champ at multitasking. Since this oil is a healing balm and protective shield, this gentle face wash proactively generates new and better skin cells while it goes to work repairing damaged ones.

Ceylon cinnamon:

Acne doesn’t require complexity. Ceylon cinnamon goes deep into your pores to clear out sebum, the clogging oil your skin makes that bacteria loves to feed on. We lovingly source the highest quality cinnamon you can find — not even close to the baking ingredient you know. Powdered from the bark of ancient trees, this is the real deal.

Sunflower lecithin:

We’re serious about crafting the best skincare under the sun! Sunflower lecithin is a rich, naturally-occurring fatty acid derived from sunflower seeds. Lecithin, when combined with naturally occurring, superpower vitamins, is a skin-softening, complexion-evening bodyguard that keeps moisture in its place. TLDR? Soft, supple skin that nails the dewy look you can only get from quality skincare.

Bentonite clay:

Bentonite clay is the OG skin saver. A mixture of volcanic ash and mineral rich sediment, Bentonite clay is an effective ingredient used to clear your pores. It's been used ever since the dawn of skincare to kill harmful toxins, bad bacteria, and stop oil production.

Activated charcoal:

When charcoal meets oxygen, skin calms, clears, and detoxes. Activated charcoal erases the gunky stuff like dirt, pollution, and everyday grime to bring skin back to its natural balance. Combined with Bentonite clay, Activated charcoal also brings blood to the surface of your skin -- revealing rosy, youthful skin.

Hibiscus flowers:

With so many power players in this mask, Hibiscus flowers keep everything in balance. Picked and sourced with your beautiful skin in mind, Hibiscus calms and nourishes your skin while maintaining elasticity.

Dehydrated cane juice:

We use real food-grade cane sugar, the kind you might put in your coffee or tea. Why? Because we believe in uncomplicated exfoliation - the kind that you can rinse down the drain and leaves no harm to the environment or to your face.

Sodium bicarbonate:

Good old fashioned baking soda is one of the most underrated compounds for skin’s health. Used to disrupt bacteria production without destroying your skin's acid mantle, we included this in our sugar scrub to help form a thicker, more luxurious texture when applied as a mask while pulling double duty as an anti-acne, anti-inflammatory property.

Chamomile flowers:

A flower is more than just a pretty face. It can be used to make yours pretty, too! Just like the kind you sprinkle in a sachet or steep when you’re stressed, these organic, ground chamomile flowers provide a soothing, calming presence that keeps skin in check while scrubbing off dead skin cells and impurities. In addition to being a bit of a hippy, chamomile is also kind of a time traveler -- it works hard to calm and protect skin from acne and breakouts now and in the future, while also lifting the effects of past scars, brown spots, and splotchy skin tones.


Here's a botany lesson for you - The Japanese word matcha translates to "powdered tea". All teas originate from the same plant. Camellia sinensis: While plain old tea is grown in the sun, matcha is grown in shade and processed using the whole plant, which allows for a greater concentration of amino acids, antioxidants, and chlorophyll, promoting healthy collagen production.


Spearmint is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and gentler than its more commonly used relative, peppermint, and soothes inflammation caused by hormonal and fungal acne. Its mental effects are just as important as the topical benefits; spearmint has been shown to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and decrease anxiety.

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